#SpiritualWarriors Unite! Shine this Little Light of Yours on this 2nd Sunday of #Advent!


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15 12 06 Spiritual WarriorMelissa sent me this picture because it reminded her of me. And I remember how a therapist told me “we can only see in the Other, what we can see in ourselves.

Shine this Little Light of Mine is a gospel children’s song.

Melissa is a spiritual warrior par excellence. Remember: the passport that we secured for her so that she could turn round and fly to Ireland when she was deported to Washington two years ago, was taken away from her.

She managed to survive in the airport for two months, as she was met ‘without reception’. She is now making a living by driving a truck and has found herself a cabin to live in by the woods. It is very similar to the abode that she had created for her and her son in Spain, where she was located by Barnet Council, after she had taken her son to a hospital there.  Continue reading

#BarnetCouncil another #Child and #Mother #punished without #crime


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SUZANNAH HARGREAVES, Senior Solicitor, on a mission re whistleblower kids and Michelle Freedman, knows we are in touch with Melissa.

The judge VERA MAYER knows how she is

The clock is ticking, as The ColemanExperience has published over and over again…

IN THE CIRCUIT COURT OF THE Barnet Family Court Case No. : BT14Z00127


I, Melissa Laird (American Indian (Cherokee) / Irish / German) , of 1275 Timber Ridge Road, Glade Hill, Virginia, 24092 USA, based upon my personal knowledge and information received to date hereby raise the following concerns about my Son (American Indian (Cherokee) / Irish / German (Not British) Father was 100% Irish).

1) That not until this point no contact has been attempted to contact myself regarding my son unless it is court ordered. Continue reading

SAME COUNCIL, same Judge, same Solicitor, same Crime: separating children from their mother for fabricated reasons!


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15 01 30 Return Survivor KidsOnce again: you can’t make it up! In Melissa’s case:

  • the accusation of abducting her own child
  • the solicitor advising her to plead guilty
  • another solicitor advising her to withdraw her appeal from the Immigration Tribunal
  • the prison solicitor only taking the Legal Aid money but not helping her with either seeing her then 4-year-old boy again or with the appalling prison and finally deportation conditions.

And now we see the same names again:

For that’s how the paedo mafia works across all institutions necessary to ensure #childsnatchUK feeds #paedoBritain or #FilthyBritain.

Since we can’t outpower them, we must outsmart them. Together. Online. Will you click on the image above, sign and spread the petition to return the children to their Russian family?

OPEN LETTER to Melissa from Sharon Bainbridge, Mother of Radio Host Melody


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Dear Melissa,

I have sent you an open letter on my blog, because the UK Tax Payer needs to talk openly about what is happening to our children. After all their money is being wasted on destroying innocent children’s lives.

Hopefully you will be able to view the video I created of my wonderful daughter singing at 3 half years old. My aunt wanted her to see a speech specialist when she was just 2 years old. I laughed and said “Melody will speak fluent English, when she is good and ready!” From the video you will hear my daughter is not sounding her words the way our bullying state expected her to. And I find it extremely cute! She has a letter from Prince William about her beautiful singing stories, so obviously there was no need at all for her to see some stupid speech therapist. We live in a world where child psychologists are trained to have an open mind about mother prostitutes. And where MPs encourage Student Prostitution. This is all  linked to the selling of our poor innocent children.


BRUSSELS was only the beginning: a Battle FOR Children – AGAINST Forced Adoptions & Deportations

If only anybody knew exact statistics about children taken, abused and dying in care… Let alone all those whose parents are being deported – just like Melissa…

Laila Brice

On 19 March 2014, Laila presented her petition regarding the return of her daughter to the EU Petitions Committee.
  • The official video is here.

In the same meeting, I presented the petition Abolish Adoptions without Parental Consent on behalf of all children taken into ‘care’ by Local Authorities in the UK:

Seven Action Points were expressed by the Chairperson and Committee Members:

The Minutes are enshrined here and include these decisions:

  • re individual petitions: petitions to be kept open. Letters would be sent to the municipal and national authorities in the Member States involved to invite them to give their reactions to the allegations made by the petitioners and to…

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MUNBY REFORM continues: Local Councils must inform foreign authorities and provide consular visits

The Pedro Family: five children snatched by Lincoln County Council - without paper work

14 01 20 PRJMcKenzie Friends have all their particular cases they assist and learn from, based on their life experiences and individual skills.

Paul Randle-Jolliffe is not a member of our Association, but has assisted the Nigerian Musas long before we helped them. He now addresses Haringey Council with this Open Letter.

He publishes Non-UK Children taken into Care on 42 pages with these references:

  • 63 foreign children taken and 4 adopted by Lincoln Council
  • 231 taken and 8 adopted by Barnet Council – one of them being Melissa Laird‘s son
  • 20 taken and 2 adopted by Doncaster Council – responsible for Vicky Haigh and her daughter
  • 15 taken and 2 adopted by Swansea Council – who gagged me first, before Doncaster and Haringey.

Based on Sir James Munby’s judgement regarding a 12-year old Slovak boy, Paul spells out the following:


  • Councils have to abide by Articles 36 and 37b…

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SEASON’S GREETINGS from Melissa in Washington while her son is kept by Barnet Council


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Season’s Greetings!

Hope all is well whereever you are!

I would have sent some e-cards but trying to save money to buy a mattress and base along with bedding but I am trying to get ahead with the rent first. The good thing is I am inside and not out in the snow and cold. I have one thin blanket and as the flat is a bit cold I see in my chair in the bath room as it is the warmest place until I get a heater on Friday. I found it second hand for $5 on the internet that someone is selling. With any luck that will help. Overall I am doing better. I am walking be it only 600 yards but better than nothing. I don’t use the chair in the flat except to sleep on/in.

I am waiting for the bank to sort things out and send out a new card so I can access my money. They did said I would take a few weeks but I know that it will take a bit longer due to the holidays. Nevertheless onwards and upwards is the only thing to be done. Continue reading