DUMPED in Dulles Airport Washington – so that her son can get adopted against her will

HMP PrisonerA Deportation Order made on 29 November 2012 got her to Dulles Airport. It gave a few solicitors some income and us McKenzie Friends some interesting learning experiences.

Our joint efforts resulted in an oral hearing to take place on 05 December 2013. But that was no ‘bar from removal’.

Removal meant:

  • in Holloway: nine prison staff in riot gear making sure she boards the bus to Heathrow – remember that she can’t walk and has become wheelchair-bound due to the appalling prison conditions
  • once in Heathrow, UKBA staff and Police were happy take the passport that we had organised and paid for as well as some cash – but contact to say good bye was not possible
  • once on the plane, four staff from a company called TASCOR accompanied her, one of them a nurse, and promised her faithfully that they would help her find a bed for the night and a suitcase for her belongings in 3 plastic bags – but they disappeared on her
  • once in Washington Dulles Airport, she found out that her passport had been CANCELLED by the State Department – in other words: no ‘reception and rehabilitation’ – one of the reasons why we tried to ‘stay the deportation’. 

Hence she was left with a trolley of her belongings and a wheelchair without anybody there to push it. Somehow she managed to find an angel at Virgin Airways who allowed her to use the phone. And another angel paid for most of the money for a first hotel night.

Her legs were swollen like anything, her spine was hurting and she clearly had a very hard time absorbing what had been done to her.

But she did enjoy the experience of using the phone without people breathing down her neck and knowing that everything is recorded… Prison Conditions is another chapter though…

Since 13 December 2011 first 12 days in Spanish prison, then HMP Holloway – all in all 21 months – with experiences best told in this Statement of Truth.

The real agenda is made clear by Mother to be deported whilst her child is kept for adoption on John Hemming MP’s blog.


8 thoughts on “DUMPED in Dulles Airport Washington – so that her son can get adopted against her will

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