DEPORTED, imprisoned and beaten for being a Parent: Sunday Telegraph

13 09 14 TelegraphChristopher Booker in his weekly column in The Telegraph says it as succinctly as possible what I put before you in more posts and pages:

An American woman has suffered a miserable experience after British social workers intervened.

“Under Britain’s implacable system, an American woman has been deported while her son remains in foster care.”

I’m still trying to recover, intending to sift through another bag of her documents – knowing that a lot of them are with her when, really, she wants us to have them – in particular a 5-page letter to Sir James Munby. I had tried to get his landmark ruling to her, but last time we saw her on Wednesday morning, she had not read it…


6 thoughts on “DEPORTED, imprisoned and beaten for being a Parent: Sunday Telegraph

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