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Angels are about! This was in one of the emails I got from Melissa, after she had spent one night in a hotel – thanks to a helpful angel.

And now: “GOOD NEWS! I had a place to stay last night and tonight thanks to the employees of Virgin Altantic.

The company would not help so the employees did.  They need a medal for this.  They all got together and put money together and used their discounts to get me into the Comfort Inn, the same one I stayed in Thursday night.  Room 339.

They even went and got all the goodies you would get, if you were flying 1st class.  T-shirt, nightdress, toiletry stuff and food. Albana was the spearhead and she even said they would post everything that needs to go back to you guys.  So at least that is more than the UK and US government have done for me.

As for the dear old legs I did some more walking last night and a bit this morning.  I will be doing more tonight.  I am in a lot of pain with it but that’s life.

Holloway are going to pay in more than one way. I am going to take this once I get things sorted out and have a base to the UN Council as they are only in New York.  I am going to ensure this never ever happens to anyone else and no family is split like me and my little man.  I won’t rest until the whole world knows!!!! I want this trending on all the social media networks.  I know this is one way to get the word out.

Anyway must go my inbox is full.  I have a slightly busy day as I need to get a suitcase and some other bits.  Not to mention finding a base.  I am going to start with finding a room that can be let for a short time and then a job.  I can’t stand not working, now that I am out and can.

Time to stand up on my own two feet, both ways.  I may need help to start with but after that I hope I can make enough to put things together.  I will pay everyone back.  It may take some time and I have the running total but I can not just take and not give, it’s not me.”

Meanwhile please note:

Dear Sir Richard is the letter we tried to get to him yesterday. In the end, I could only email the webmaster…

But today:

Help Melissa Laird get her Irish son back on http://www.inquisition21.com/

Help Melissa Laird on http://www.philosphere.com/

Help Melissa Laird on http://www.ectopia.org

Long live the magic of net-working!!!