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13 11 12 TSONo, dear Treasury Solicitor,

Neither the now 6-year-old traumatised boy can be disposed of nor the now 44-year-old mother who is still homeless after UKBA deported her in a wheelchair ‘without reception and rehabilitation’.

You can NOT expect us to watch evil and cruelty and do nothing.

You can NOT expect us to let Barnet Children’s Services hide behind courts that don’t deliver fair trials.

The hearing on 05 December 2013 is scheduled to give the Claimant the chance of addressing the ‘substance of her case‘. She is also given the opportunity to exercise her rights of appeal that she could not due to imprisonment and the treatment by HMP Holloway that was totally out of order.

13 09 10 High Court Order p1 We did not yet have the opportunity to challenge Mr Justice Kay’s ‘significant concerns’ with our Association having ‘any right or ability to represent the Claimant’.

But the Admin Court knows about our applications and payments for Judicial Reviews.   

What judges clearly don’t know is how difficult it is to get papers in and signatures out of prison. But, again, the Admin Court knows.

Barnet Council have violated The Hague Convention by ‘wrongfully removing’ Melissa’s son from her sole custody in Spain, just as Sunderland Council did with Nigel Cooper’s daughter. The website names the International Child Abduction and and Contact Unit at the Official Solicitor’s office as contact.

We cannot possibly help all those parents who need help in the courts and when dealing with Social Services. Nor can we help all the children who want to be Home for Christmas.

But we can ask you to remember that you, too, have been a child and you have a mum, too. And you may need to heal your inner child before you suggest to ‘dispose’ of a ‘matter’ that you can rectify – for the image of the UK and the institutions of its establishment – in the interest of a boy who has not seen his mum since they were separated on 13 December 2011 – and all the other children screaming to be heard.

What explanation will you give him, when he asks you:

Where is my mummy? I want to see my mummy!

I understand that the Treasury’s Solicitor gets involved in these matters in case compensation needs to be paid. I also understand that £300 is the daily rate for illegal imprisonment. That should clearly also be applied to children in the custody of foster parents. They are paid £400 / week, when it would cost the Treasury nothing to keep the children with their birth parents. Should your budget be too committed, you might want to consider the Bradbury Pound to compensate victims of white collar crimes.

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