This is the ‘dot on the i’: CLAIMANT was deliberately deported to prevent her from opposing the adoption of her only son. But the Claimant is a sharp cookie.

While we were collaborating to put our submission before the Court, she found most relevant case law regarding deportation and excessive ‘arbitrary detention’.

The hearing next week was granted to ‘hear the substance of her case’. In bullet language:

  • abuse of power by Barnet Council and HMP Holloway;
  • professional negligence by all lawyers concerned: criminal, prison, immigration;
  • incompetence by court staff: Shoreditch & Clerkenwell and Principal Registry of the Family Division;
  • absence of guidelines for Litigants in Person in prison, especially when imprisoned fraudulently.

Where there is injustice, there has to be publicity. Where family courts are secret, they have to be opened to the glare of publicity. Where prisons close themselves off from scrutiny, they have to be opened that Police can investigate. I had an email for Bernard Hogan-Howe’s office saying

Unfortunately Police cannot just turn up at a prison and hope to interview victims and witnesses.

This was after Melissa was beaten up by staff while supervisors were watching! Who has such ideas? Who gives such orders?

When Police falsify crime statistics, especially child sexual assault, what hope is there???