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12 07 25 AuthorityThis morning, in Court 18 of the Royal Courts of Justice, I delivered the message that Melissa had sent via Skype – on paper. I asked the usher whether there is a connection so that she could talk to the Judge on Skype. Apparently that is possible only in one court.

I mentioned this to HHJ Anthony Elleray QC as it was not clear to him ‘on paper’ whether

  • we have the ‘right and ability’ to represent the Claimant
  • even though we had submitted and paid for two Notices of Renewal and an Application for Revocation
  • we are apparently not on the court record – because CLP Solicitors had not removed themselves properly [how are we supposed to know that their email was NOT sufficient?]
  • even though the Claimant Melissa has given us the full legal authority, does she really want us to represent her in these proceedings – after CLP Solicitors had initiated the Judicial Review?

Well, I guess judges want to play safe and fair between Claimants and Defendants… And since the Treasury Solicitor had chosen not to be there, we were invited to make a fresh application – so that they can respond to us next time…

But the judge understood our concern about the purpose of the meeting:

  • it had been scheduled to ‘address the substance of her case’
  • while the Treasury Solicitor’s letter regarding the ‘disposal of her matter‘ threw a spanner in the works – between us non-professionals without robe and wig and the professionals who know it all – how to cover up the snatching of children and the deportation of  their parents:
  • two of the four other ‘for disposal’ cases also had to do with Article 8: the right to family life – of parents who were deported, while their kids were kept in the UK – for foster ‘care’, forced adoption and #paedobritain, I suppose…

Meanwhile, LSELaw gives us the opportunity to ask questions via Twitter using #LSEJackson and meeting Hon Mr Justice Peter Jackson next Thursday 12 December at the London School of Economics. He actually passed a judgement using Skype in international family law!!!