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Season’s Greetings!

Hope all is well whereever you are!

I would have sent some e-cards but trying to save money to buy a mattress and base along with bedding but I am trying to get ahead with the rent first. The good thing is I am inside and not out in the snow and cold. I have one thin blanket and as the flat is a bit cold I see in my chair in the bath room as it is the warmest place until I get a heater on Friday. I found it second hand for $5 on the internet that someone is selling. With any luck that will help. Overall I am doing better. I am walking be it only 600 yards but better than nothing. I don’t use the chair in the flat except to sleep on/in.

I am waiting for the bank to sort things out and send out a new card so I can access my money. They did said I would take a few weeks but I know that it will take a bit longer due to the holidays. Nevertheless onwards and upwards is the only thing to be done.

I am still working selling papers and doing OK. It pays the rent each week so far but as the cold starts to settle in again it will mean longer hours. I am looking for something better that actually pays a good wage and with any luck will be inside instead of outside like now.

Anyway enjoy you holidays, hopefully it will be the last year without my son and he will be home soon.

Best wishes