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SUZANNAH HARGREAVES, Senior Solicitor, on a mission re whistleblower kids and Michelle Freedman, knows we are in touch with Melissa.

The judge VERA MAYER knows how she is

The clock is ticking, as The ColemanExperience has published over and over again…

IN THE CIRCUIT COURT OF THE Barnet Family Court Case No. : BT14Z00127


I, Melissa Laird (American Indian (Cherokee) / Irish / German) , of 1275 Timber Ridge Road, Glade Hill, Virginia, 24092 USA, based upon my personal knowledge and information received to date hereby raise the following concerns about my Son (American Indian (Cherokee) / Irish / German (Not British) Father was 100% Irish).

1) That not until this point no contact has been attempted to contact myself regarding my son unless it is court ordered.

a) Ms S Hargreaves has stated she had no way to contact me.

b) She stated she had contacted the American embassy and was told they had no way to locate me.

c) The fact that I have tried for the past 18 months to get Skype contact with my son having been doing this thru a McKenzie friend as well as directly.

d) The order that was made on 8th March 2012 clearly states that I have right to contact.

e) No attempts have been may to contact myself by the LA in regards to the Statutory CIC Reviews nor has any update been sent even when direct contact with the LA has been done (4.10.1)

f) It has been shown by Mr John Bowlby known as the Bowlby Attachment theory that the nature of monotropy meant that a breakdown in maternal attachment would lead to serious negative consequences and long term cognitive social and emotional difficulties. Worst still other consequences might include depression and being able to interact with others.

g) In his study he showed that children with long-term effect of Maternal Deprivation had serious effects on the social, intellectual and emotional development.

h) I direct your attention to the update care plan 2.1.4 & 2.1.7 which falls in line with Bowlby’ theory.

2) In the Ms C Payne statement second bullet point on 1
a) I have no criminal, fraudulent behaviour as this has not been proven in a court of law.

b) The fact remains I changed my surname via deed poll in Ireland so therefore never acquired “false identity”.

3) The fact that at the last hearing regarding my son I was excluded to the point that falls under the ECHR Article 6 right to a fair hearing which I never got.

a) Evidence that was not allowed in court nor allowed legal representation.

b) No orders to bring me into the court were issued to the prison.

c) In light of new evidences that should now be heard which under the circumstance can only be presented in the form of an expert witness.

4) I would like to take the time to highlight the fact that the LA has been told that my son is a High Functioning Autistic. He was tested in Spain by a psychologist in 2011 when he was in school there.

5) 2.1.4 states “struggles …differentiating between appropriate and inappropriate interpersonal contact”. This I highlight as it raisees concern over the care and welfare of me son by the LA.

a) Having raised the issue with many social workers in the USA and with child welfare groups they all stand united in the fact this raises many red flags. One being sexual abuse.

b) I will be asking that this be looked at in closer detail as past cases have shown that a child in care has suffered sexual abuse. (See children in care pedo ring in Kent)

6) The fact remains that I have no idea what they, the LA, have told my son about his Mother and the fact that they say he used the term “first mummy” leads me to believe that they have not told him the whole truth of how they had me put in prison and told him to call me that.

7) I am appalled at the fact that he is being led to believe that the people he is with is family when the fact is Mr and Mrs T are of no relation. I do know who they are so no need to hide the facts.

8) The fact that he states his carers are like his parents is not surprising since he has not been allowed any contact between us, either supervised or not.

9) There are other family members other than step brother Mr Stover that are willing to take on the care of my son.

10) Each report seems to highlight something that has now been found not to be true. They say I have a “personality disorder” which in fact I have actually been told by a psychologist that I have Asperger’s Syndrome (AS) which can be misdiagnosed as personality disorder.

11) I wish to have skype contact with my son so at least he can form a balanced opinion on his situation. As it stands he cannot. Like two sides to a coin he only know one side as he doesn’t know there are two sides to this.

I would like to draw the court’s attention to the fact that whenever there has been a hearing that they always send documents 2-3 days before the hearing. This would include the fact that at the last hearing I forwarded the request for the hearing to be adjourned having only the night before received the information from Ms Payne. I emailed the court prior to the hearing only to receive back an email stating they could not open it and for me to resend. I was not made aware of the continued hearing date from anyone there but from the State Department here 2 days after the hearing in January.

I again ask for this hearing to take place before another judge other than Ms Mayer as she is not independent and has already formed an opinion in regards to this case and myself.

Dated 19 March 2015