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15 12 06 Spiritual WarriorMelissa sent me this picture because it reminded her of me. And I remember how a therapist told me “we can only see in the Other, what we can see in ourselves.

Shine this Little Light of Mine is a gospel children’s song.

Melissa is a spiritual warrior par excellence. Remember: the passport that we secured for her so that she could turn round and fly to Ireland when she was deported to Washington two years ago, was taken away from her.

She managed to survive in the airport for two months, as she was met ‘without reception’. She is now making a living by driving a truck and has found herself a cabin to live in by the woods. It is very similar to the abode that she had created for her and her son in Spain, where she was located by Barnet Council, after she had taken her son to a hospital there. 

Melissa is still waiting for the oral hearing that had been scheduled for December 2013. We tried to prevent her deportation with the aid of a Judicial Review to the Administrative Court.

The Court insisted on the antiquated ISDN technology which she failed to locate in the US. Since then she had a conference call with the local judge Mayer regarding her son. But mind the gap between what the judge orders and Social Services do…

This December we were supposed to appear in Court because we are to pay for the costs of the private barrister that the Treasury Solicitor’s Office (TSO) hired to defend their views.

First a judge questioned the ‘truth’ of us McKenzie Friends actually representing Melissa. Now another judge wants to penalise us for that.

Meanwhile do note:

  • the Treasury Solicitor’s Office got renamed into Government Legal Department (GLD)
  • the Administrative Court doesn’t accept Judicial Reviews concerning Family Courts any more.

In case we are going to be stopped to act as McKenzie Friends, we’ve reincarnated as McKenzie Angels:

But the Association of McKenzie Friends is still alive and kicking in Brussels!

Do note the updates in the petition to Abolish Adoptions without Parental Consent:

  • we changed the title for MEPs are working towards a debate in the EU Parliament and the EU Council;
  • MEPs came to London for a fact-finding visit on 05/06 November 2015;
  • the Petitions Committee has set up a working group to deal with children’s rights across Europe; the Chair is Eleanora Evi MEP who heard the evidence presented in London by a wide group of authorities;
  • Sir James Munby, the President of the Family Courts published a press release resulting in this article:


  • the Slovak Embassy had invited UK and EU representatives to a round table;
  • a workshop was held between the Legal Affairs and the Petitions Committee on 01.12.15 where a UK judge was invited.

The Daily Mail had already published

So will Melissa’s son be returned soon, especially since he was found not to be ‘adoptable’? Apparently he does not know when it is appropriate to touch himself… Would that have happened in Melissa’s care???

But remember: she was advised by her lawyer to plead guilty for having abducted her own son, when she relocated to Spain! And her immigration lawyer had advised her to withdraw her appeal. You can’t make it up, how the lawyers helps the government to govern better… All due to the Legal and Social Services of Barnet Council – the same as the Whistleblower Kids

The wonderful poem When Nature Wants a Man may also help on this 2nd Sunday of Advent…