12 07 17 C100 Tracked and TracedAs with soo many child snatching cases, it started with the Social Workers of a local authority. In Melissa’s case, it was Barnet Council, known to be among the worst who stole the child and never facilitated contact, believing it was in the child’s best interest.

With institutionalised hypocrisy aka perfidious Albion, they colluded with:

  • SOCA – Serious Organised Crime Agency to get a European Arrest Warrant for a mother having ‘abducted a child’
  • Spanish Police / Prison – taking her personally moulded walking stick from her and assaulting her so that she had a broken nose and two
  • UK Border Agency – holding her ‘excessively’ and illegally – since 30 June 2012
  • US Embassy – issuing ‘temporary’ travel documents even though she had a passport
  • HMP Holloway – for not taking her to court and preventing her from advancing her legal proceedings; for not paying her the money due on discharge and for travel and keeping some of her belongings behind, such as underwear – so she had only what she wore when she was dumped!
  • TASCOR – the company paying 4 staff to ‘accompany’ her back to Dulles Airport – but then dumping her
  • secret Family Courtsunique to the UK
  • Criminal Court in Wood Green – I’ve seen how a jury was rigged in another child snatching case
  • Barnet County Court – for not disclosing orders to the mother
  • Principal Registry of the Family Division – for signing receiving an Application for Contact – but not being able to locate either the document or the person who signed for it
  • Appeal Court – ignoring her right for a hearing and not respecting impossible prison conditions
  • Admin Court – rejecting the Association of McKenzie Friends on technicalities
  • US State Department who cancelled her passport – clearly ‘informed’ by the UK.

– helped by solicitors who live off the ‘public gravy train’, as Maurice Kirk calls it:

  • the criminal lawyer who advised her to plead guilty of having abducted her own child, when the jurisdiction over mother and child should have been challenged;
  • the immigration lawyer who withdrew her appeal re the deportation order;
  • the prison lawyer who spoke about a Judicial Review regarding her prison conditions since January but clearly found it too much work;
  • the oodles of family lawyers who found reason after another not to take her case on.

Meanwhile ‘austerity cuts’ are supposedly necessary and cut legal aid – so there’s even less of a chance for the illusion that justice and fairness might prevail…

Yet, Bradburys, the historic precedent of 1914, could be created by the Government as ‘treasury money’ to compensate victims of white collar criminals. But everybody knows that Westminster is firmly in the pockets of the City and everybody who doesn’t know has a chance to wake up – thanks to the magic of the net and web.

After having organised the Forum for Stable Currencies at Westminster to discover dishonest money as the cause of evil and suffering, I felt too help- and powerless and concentrated on the effects: victims of white collar crimes. Melissa is one of those victims who tried her best as a Litigant in Person who was imprisoned by a system of organisations where everybody is ‘just doing their job’… only working to ‘remit’ and ‘rules’ – supposedly! For when you expect them to comply with the Rule of Law, you find out it’s the Rule of Money – or of sex or both…

At the end of WWII, Labour MP Norman Smith said “there is always enough money for war, but never enough for health and education.” That was when ‘the system’ was after fathers, brothers and husbands.

Now they want our children. Hence

4 thoughts on “Culprits”

  1. Broken Britain said:

    Melisa just to help it is the London Borough of Barnet. They are not a county council, they are a London council. They are no different from any council in the whole country that has a social services department. It is a well known practice of SS in the UK to target foreign single mothers to snatch their children as they are seen as an easy target. The SS use insiders at schools, hospital and the police to report targets. It is all for profit as social workers and their department fund private fostering and adoption agencies and get nice kickbacks. It is totally corrupt and has the total backing of the illegal secret Family Courts

    Keep strong and never ever give up. Do not forget the names of those involved as one day they will pay for their evil acts.

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