YOU NEED to Establish Your Right to Represent Melissa!


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13 12 12 OrderDo I need to curse my logical mind?

Is Mathematical Woman too precise for Legal Man?

Well, I suppose I shouldn’t publish my thinking here, but make a ‘renewed submission’…

At least we’re learning how professionals keep themselves – and each other – busy all – for taxpayers’ money.


Anyway, this is ‘the news’ or the ‘outcome’ – in black on white – of the hearing of 05 December 2013.



#LSEJackson: unique tweet opportunity after “It’s NOT SAFE to dispose of the matter”!


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12 07 25 AuthorityThis morning, in Court 18 of the Royal Courts of Justice, I delivered the message that Melissa had sent via Skype – on paper. I asked the usher whether there is a connection so that she could talk to the Judge on Skype. Apparently that is possible only in one court.

I mentioned this to HHJ Anthony Elleray QC as it was not clear to him ‘on paper’ whether

  • we have the ‘right and ability’ to represent the Claimant
  • even though we had submitted and paid for two Notices of Renewal and an Application for Revocation
  • we are apparently not on the court record – because CLP Solicitors had not removed themselves properly [how are we supposed to know that their email was NOT sufficient?]
  • even though the Claimant Melissa has given us the full legal authority, does she really want us to represent her in these proceedings – after CLP Solicitors had initiated the Judicial Review? Continue reading

COURT 8, 10.30am – hijacking the agenda for ‘disposal’ – not addressing the substance of her case


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I find it very hard to make sense of a world that has clearly gone off its rails but claims to operate “in the best interests” of children in general and Melissa’s then 4-year old child who last saw his mum 2 years ago in Spain.

  1. 13 08 16 Removal Refused p1We got a hearing scheduled for 05 December – to address the ‘substance of the case’, to exercise her rights of appeal and generally have a ‘fair trial’ a la Human Rights Article 6.
  2. Melissa gets deported – despite our efforts – and is still homeless.
  3. The Treasury Solicitor makes an application to get this matter disposed of.
  4. The Admin Court lists ‘Laird’ as one of 5 ‘disposals’:

Where is our application?

Well, I may not have a robe and a wig, but I do have a brain. I shall make sure it’s going to be ‘in gear’ tomorrow! And I have McKenzie Friends who advise me. One of them suggested to contact the Delivery Director and ask for explanations.

The #unethical #wombscandal tells the whole Nation that something is very wrong, at least in Essex Council! Continue reading

#gagging – one of the 5 points unique to the UK:


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12 12 07 The Gag plusThis 8-page gagging order was the result of my publishing Five mothers on hunger strike protesting against violation of Article 8: the right to family life, when Melissa was in prison.

The printout of my web publication is part of the gag, but I was never served a gag.

Except it says in para 2 on page 2:

This order binds all persons and all companies (whether acting by their directors, employees or agents or in any other way) who know that the order has been made.

Remember what’s unique in the UK.

Melissa’s hearing is scheduled for Thursday 5 December. On Wednesday after 1pm we should be able to find in which Court room from this link.

Melissa writes:

I am an American woman who was dumped at Dulles in a wheelchair with no money, place to live/sleep and knowing no one  after being deported back to the US after 19 years and after having my child stolen by the UK government.  I held for over 18 month in a prison where I was tortured and abused by prison staff. Under the UK law I should have redress through the courts there and to date that has not happened.  My son who at the time of abduction was 4 years of age where he seen me, his mother, beaten in handcuffs by Spanish police while he screamed for me. This was the last vision my son had of me!  Currently we, my son and I, have no idea where either one of us are. With numerous attempts made to get contact with my now 6 year old child I am repeatedly refused.  I have in possession a court order which gives me the right to have contact but the social worker refuses to allow this.  Continue reading

#forcedadoption Talking to Sonia Poulton on PeoplesVoiceTV tonight


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In the wake of the ‘womb scandal‘ Melissa’s case is still sufficiently atrocious to talk about…

In fact, I see the Italian mother & baby story catapulting us into children being Back for Christmas. But maybe that’s too wishful thinking!?…

Still, if you have time, watch Sonia Poulton on PeoplesVoiceTV between 5 and 7 tonight.

Since the court hearing will take place this Thursday, it is nice that more and more people are beginning to wake up to this international scandal or ‘shock therapy’ of discovering that child snatching is one of seven deadly syndromes and seven media cover-ups.

Maybe ‘the general public’ needs to see things on TV rather than become familiar with the Dossier of Evidence?


LACK of LEGAL AID to defend libel proceedings led to complex trial & breached defendants’ right to a fair trial


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One of the most experienced McKenzie Friends of the country sent me the link to this case, after having read our submission to the High Court to address ‘the substance’ of Melissa’s case:

Lack of legal aid to defend libel proceedings that led to a long and complex trial breached defendants’ right to a fair trial under Article 6(1). It’s actually the famous case of the two campaigners who took “US McDonalds” on. The result was a compensation payment. We want first the boy and then compensation. For that we need ‘disclosure’ of a few more critical documents.

Melissa suffered not only from not getting legal aid for a family lawyer, but also from outright denial of legal representation by the same judge who decided that the “welfare of the child requires dispensing with the mother’s consent to adoption“.

She also decided that ‘contact’ with the child was up to the discretion of Barnet Council. They never arranged for a single meeting with the boy in HMP Holloway and now refuse Skype contact.

How perfidious and hypocritical can people in institutions become – when it’s all supposed to be “in the best interest of the child”!???

Well, Sonia Poulton on the People’s Voice TV will soon be reporting about Melissa. It’s moved from today to tomorrow and Monday. Watch this space! Continue reading

CLAIMANT was deliberately deported to prevent her from opposing the adoption of her only son

This is the ‘dot on the i’: CLAIMANT was deliberately deported to prevent her from opposing the adoption of her only son. But the Claimant is a sharp cookie.

While we were collaborating to put our submission before the Court, she found most relevant case law regarding deportation and excessive ‘arbitrary detention’.

The hearing next week was granted to ‘hear the substance of her case’. In bullet language:

  • abuse of power by Barnet Council and HMP Holloway;
  • professional negligence by all lawyers concerned: criminal, prison, immigration;
  • incompetence by court staff: Shoreditch & Clerkenwell and Principal Registry of the Family Division;
  • absence of guidelines for Litigants in Person in prison, especially when imprisoned fraudulently.

Where there is injustice, there has to be publicity. Where family courts are secret, they have to be opened to the glare of publicity. Where prisons close themselves off from scrutiny, they have to be opened that Police can investigate. I had an email for Bernard Hogan-Howe’s office saying

Unfortunately Police cannot just turn up at a prison and hope to interview victims and witnesses.

This was after Melissa was beaten up by staff while supervisors were watching! Who has such ideas? Who gives such orders?

When Police falsify crime statistics, especially child sexual assault, what hope is there???

BACK for CHRISTMAS: Court Hearings in December illustrate how the UK’s ‘child protection’ system is an international scandal


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What a consolation that Melissa is not the only victim and Barnet not the only council to steal children and criminalise the parents so that they can deport them and ‘dispose of the matter’…


THE DEFENDANT requests that this matter be disposed of – well, NO on behalf of Mother and Son!


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13 11 12 TSONo, dear Treasury Solicitor,

Neither the now 6-year-old traumatised boy can be disposed of nor the now 44-year-old mother who is still homeless after UKBA deported her in a wheelchair ‘without reception and rehabilitation’.

You can NOT expect us to watch evil and cruelty and do nothing.

You can NOT expect us to let Barnet Children’s Services hide behind courts that don’t deliver fair trials.

The hearing on 05 December 2013 is scheduled to give the Claimant the chance of addressing the ‘substance of her case‘. She is also given the opportunity to exercise her rights of appeal that she could not due to imprisonment and the treatment by HMP Holloway that was totally out of order.

13 09 10 High Court Order p1 We did not yet have the opportunity to challenge Mr Justice Kay’s ‘significant concerns’ with our Association having ‘any right or ability to represent the Claimant’.

But the Admin Court knows about our applications and payments for Judicial Reviews.   

What judges clearly don’t know is how difficult it is to get papers in and signatures out of prison. But, again, the Admin Court knows.

Barnet Council have violated The Hague Convention by ‘wrongfully removing’ Melissa’s son from her sole custody in Spain, just as Sunderland Council did with Nigel Cooper’s daughter. The website names the International Child Abduction and and Contact Unit at the Official Solicitor’s office as contact.

We cannot possibly help all those parents who need help in the courts and when dealing with Social Services. Nor can we help all the children who want to be Home for Christmas.

But we can ask you to remember that you, too, have been a child and you have a mum, too. And you may need to heal your inner child before you suggest to ‘dispose’ of a ‘matter’ that you can rectify – for the image of the UK and the institutions of its establishment – in the interest of a boy who has not seen his mum since they were separated on 13 December 2011 – and all the other children screaming to be heard. Continue reading

DO JUDGES and Social Workers park their conscience or put it on hold?


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13 08 16 Removal Refused p113 08 16 Removal Refused p2

13 09 10 High Court Order p113 09 10 High Court Order p2I’m always asking myself this question: do ‘bad guys’ know what they are doing or are they unconscious? When judges are misled and misguided by bad social workers, they sanction their wrong-doings instead of questioning it. Do they know what they are doing? There is enough evidence to suggest they do. See the Dossier of online Evidence in support of our EU Petition: Abolish Adoptions without Parental Consent besides Children Placed in Foster Care – our petition before the House of Commons.

In Melissa’s case, the key social workers in Barnet Council are Tony Carroll and Ron Ludtke as managers besides Claire Montgomery as visitor 2-3 times a week for nearly a year. Her son was AFRAID of her visits!

The current Head of Children in Care and Provider Services, Children’s Service, Jo Pymont thinks it’s right to hide behind the judgements of Judge Vera Meyer and Judge McFarlane. Both are the substance of the hearing on 05 December in the High Court – not in secret, so you are welcome in the public gallery!  Continue reading