#SpiritualWarriors Unite! Shine this Little Light of Yours on this 2nd Sunday of #Advent!

15 12 06 Spiritual WarriorMelissa sent me this picture because it reminded her of me. And I remember how a therapist told me “we can only see in the Other, what we can see in ourselves.

Shine this Little Light of Mine is a gospel children’s song.

Melissa is a spiritual warrior par excellence. Remember: the passport that we secured for her so that she could turn round and fly to Ireland when she was deported to Washington two years ago, was taken away from her.

She managed to survive in the airport for two months, as she was met ‘without reception’. She is now making a living by driving a truck and has found herself a cabin to live in by the woods. It is very similar to the abode that she had created for her and her son in Spain, where she was located by Barnet Council, after she had taken her son to a hospital there.  Continue reading