OPEN LETTER to Melissa from Sharon Bainbridge, Mother of Radio Host Melody


Dear Melissa,

I have sent you an open letter on my blog, because the UK Tax Payer needs to talk openly about what is happening to our children. After all their money is being wasted on destroying innocent children’s lives.

Hopefully you will be able to view the video I created of my wonderful daughter singing at 3 half years old. My aunt wanted her to see a speech specialist when she was just 2 years old. I laughed and said “Melody will speak fluent English, when she is good and ready!” From the video you will hear my daughter is not sounding her words the way our bullying state expected her to. And I find it extremely cute! She has a letter from Prince William about her beautiful singing stories, so obviously there was no need at all for her to see some stupid speech therapist. We live in a world where child psychologists are trained to have an open mind about mother prostitutes. And where MPs encourage Student Prostitution. This is all  linked to the selling of our poor innocent children.


COURT 8, 10.30am – hijacking the agenda for ‘disposal’ – not addressing the substance of her case

I find it very hard to make sense of a world that has clearly gone off its rails but claims to operate “in the best interests” of children in general and Melissa’s then 4-year old child who last saw his mum 2 years ago in Spain.

  1. 13 08 16 Removal Refused p1We got a hearing scheduled for 05 December – to address the ‘substance of the case’, to exercise her rights of appeal and generally have a ‘fair trial’ a la Human Rights Article 6.
  2. Melissa gets deported – despite our efforts – and is still homeless.
  3. The Treasury Solicitor makes an application to get this matter disposed of.
  4. The Admin Court lists ‘Laird’ as one of 5 ‘disposals’:

Where is our application?

Well, I may not have a robe and a wig, but I do have a brain. I shall make sure it’s going to be ‘in gear’ tomorrow! And I have McKenzie Friends who advise me. One of them suggested to contact the Delivery Director and ask for explanations.

The #unethical #wombscandal tells the whole Nation that something is very wrong, at least in Essex Council! Continue reading

#forcedadoption Talking to Sonia Poulton on PeoplesVoiceTV tonight

In the wake of the ‘womb scandal‘ Melissa’s case is still sufficiently atrocious to talk about…

In fact, I see the Italian mother & baby story catapulting us into children being Back for Christmas. But maybe that’s too wishful thinking!?…

Still, if you have time, watch Sonia Poulton on PeoplesVoiceTV between 5 and 7 tonight.

Since the court hearing will take place this Thursday, it is nice that more and more people are beginning to wake up to this international scandal or ‘shock therapy’ of discovering that child snatching is one of seven deadly syndromes and seven media cover-ups.

Maybe ‘the general public’ needs to see things on TV rather than become familiar with the Dossier of Evidence?


BACK for CHRISTMAS: Court Hearings in December illustrate how the UK’s ‘child protection’ system is an international scandal

What a consolation that Melissa is not the only victim and Barnet not the only council to steal children and criminalise the parents so that they can deport them and ‘dispose of the matter’…


DO JUDGES and Social Workers park their conscience or put it on hold?

13 08 16 Removal Refused p113 08 16 Removal Refused p2

13 09 10 High Court Order p113 09 10 High Court Order p2I’m always asking myself this question: do ‘bad guys’ know what they are doing or are they unconscious? When judges are misled and misguided by bad social workers, they sanction their wrong-doings instead of questioning it. Do they know what they are doing? There is enough evidence to suggest they do. See the Dossier of online Evidence in support of our EU Petition: Abolish Adoptions without Parental Consent besides Children Placed in Foster Care – our petition before the House of Commons.

In Melissa’s case, the key social workers in Barnet Council are Tony Carroll and Ron Ludtke as managers besides Claire Montgomery as visitor 2-3 times a week for nearly a year. Her son was AFRAID of her visits!

The current Head of Children in Care and Provider Services, Children’s Service, Jo Pymont thinks it’s right to hide behind the judgements of Judge Vera Meyer and Judge McFarlane. Both are the substance of the hearing on 05 December in the High Court – not in secret, so you are welcome in the public gallery!  Continue reading

SECOND ARTICLE in The Telegraph – will it help to reunite Mother and Son?

13 10 06 Booker ML 2While there are hundreds of parents imprisoned so that their children can be put into ‘care’, especially foreigners, there are always also ‘extreme’ and ‘exceptional’ cases.

Acknowledged to be the worst of all child snatching cases is the one of the Nigerian couple Gloria and Chiwar Musa whose seven children were taken by Haringey Council. The last one in prison – right after birth – despite Sir James Munby’s judgement of 2003: Para 44: iv) It is a dreadful thing to take a baby away from his mother: dreadful for mother, dreadful for father and dreadful for the baby.

Christopher Booker had written 14 articles about the Musas. Whilst in HMP Holloway, Gloria told Melissa about us McKenzie Friends and thus we opened this horrendous can of worms of Continue reading

VIRGIN STAFF pick up where UK and US authorities failed to comply with the Rule of Law

English: Emblem of the United Nations. Color i...

Angels are about! This was in one of the emails I got from Melissa, after she had spent one night in a hotel – thanks to a helpful angel.

And now: “GOOD NEWS! I had a place to stay last night and tonight thanks to the employees of Virgin Altantic.

The company would not help so the employees did.  They need a medal for this.  They all got together and put money together and used their discounts to get me into the Comfort Inn, the same one I stayed in Thursday night.  Room 339.

They even went and got all the goodies you would get, if you were flying 1st class.  T-shirt, nightdress, toiletry stuff and food. Albana was the spearhead and she even said they would post everything that needs to go back to you guys.  So at least that is more than the UK and US government have done for me.

As for the dear old legs I did some more walking last night and a bit this morning.  I will be doing more tonight.  I am in a lot of pain with it but that’s life. Continue reading