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SUZANNAH HARGREAVES, Senior Solicitor, on a mission re whistleblower kids and Michelle Freedman, knows we are in touch with Melissa.

The judge VERA MAYER knows how she is

The clock is ticking, as The ColemanExperience has published over and over again…

IN THE CIRCUIT COURT OF THE Barnet Family Court Case No. : BT14Z00127


I, Melissa Laird (American Indian (Cherokee) / Irish / German) , of 1275 Timber Ridge Road, Glade Hill, Virginia, 24092 USA, based upon my personal knowledge and information received to date hereby raise the following concerns about my Son (American Indian (Cherokee) / Irish / German (Not British) Father was 100% Irish).

1) That not until this point no contact has been attempted to contact myself regarding my son unless it is court ordered. Continue reading

#LSEJackson: unique tweet opportunity after “It’s NOT SAFE to dispose of the matter”!

12 07 25 AuthorityThis morning, in Court 18 of the Royal Courts of Justice, I delivered the message that Melissa had sent via Skype – on paper. I asked the usher whether there is a connection so that she could talk to the Judge on Skype. Apparently that is possible only in one court.

I mentioned this to HHJ Anthony Elleray QC as it was not clear to him ‘on paper’ whether

  • we have the ‘right and ability’ to represent the Claimant
  • even though we had submitted and paid for two Notices of Renewal and an Application for Revocation
  • we are apparently not on the court record – because CLP Solicitors had not removed themselves properly [how are we supposed to know that their email was NOT sufficient?]
  • even though the Claimant Melissa has given us the full legal authority, does she really want us to represent her in these proceedings – after CLP Solicitors had initiated the Judicial Review? Continue reading

COURT 8, 10.30am – hijacking the agenda for ‘disposal’ – not addressing the substance of her case

I find it very hard to make sense of a world that has clearly gone off its rails but claims to operate “in the best interests” of children in general and Melissa’s then 4-year old child who last saw his mum 2 years ago in Spain.

  1. 13 08 16 Removal Refused p1We got a hearing scheduled for 05 December – to address the ‘substance of the case’, to exercise her rights of appeal and generally have a ‘fair trial’ a la Human Rights Article 6.
  2. Melissa gets deported – despite our efforts – and is still homeless.
  3. The Treasury Solicitor makes an application to get this matter disposed of.
  4. The Admin Court lists ‘Laird’ as one of 5 ‘disposals’:

Where is our application?

Well, I may not have a robe and a wig, but I do have a brain. I shall make sure it’s going to be ‘in gear’ tomorrow! And I have McKenzie Friends who advise me. One of them suggested to contact the Delivery Director and ask for explanations.

The #unethical #wombscandal tells the whole Nation that something is very wrong, at least in Essex Council! Continue reading