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SUZANNAH HARGREAVES, Senior Solicitor, on a mission re whistleblower kids and Michelle Freedman, knows we are in touch with Melissa.

The judge VERA MAYER knows how she is

The clock is ticking, as The ColemanExperience has published over and over again…

IN THE CIRCUIT COURT OF THE Barnet Family Court Case No. : BT14Z00127


I, Melissa Laird (American Indian (Cherokee) / Irish / German) , of 1275 Timber Ridge Road, Glade Hill, Virginia, 24092 USA, based upon my personal knowledge and information received to date hereby raise the following concerns about my Son (American Indian (Cherokee) / Irish / German (Not British) Father was 100% Irish).

1) That not until this point no contact has been attempted to contact myself regarding my son unless it is court ordered. Continue reading

#gagging – one of the 5 points unique to the UK: http://bit.ly/MbzhX3

12 12 07 The Gag plusThis 8-page gagging order was the result of my publishing Five mothers on hunger strike protesting against violation of Article 8: the right to family life, when Melissa was in prison.

The printout of my web publication is part of the gag, but I was never served a gag.

Except it says in para 2 on page 2:

This order binds all persons and all companies (whether acting by their directors, employees or agents or in any other way) who know that the order has been made.

Remember what’s unique in the UK.

Melissa’s hearing is scheduled for Thursday 5 December. On Wednesday after 1pm we should be able to find in which Court room from this link.

Melissa writes:

I am an American woman who was dumped at Dulles in a wheelchair with no money, place to live/sleep and knowing no one  after being deported back to the US after 19 years and after having my child stolen by the UK government.  I held for over 18 month in a prison where I was tortured and abused by prison staff. Under the UK law I should have redress through the courts there and to date that has not happened.  My son who at the time of abduction was 4 years of age where he seen me, his mother, beaten in handcuffs by Spanish police while he screamed for me. This was the last vision my son had of me!  Currently we, my son and I, have no idea where either one of us are. With numerous attempts made to get contact with my now 6 year old child I am repeatedly refused.  I have in possession a court order which gives me the right to have contact but the social worker refuses to allow this.  Continue reading

#forcedadoption Talking to Sonia Poulton on PeoplesVoiceTV tonight

In the wake of the ‘womb scandal‘ Melissa’s case is still sufficiently atrocious to talk about…

In fact, I see the Italian mother & baby story catapulting us into children being Back for Christmas. But maybe that’s too wishful thinking!?…

Still, if you have time, watch Sonia Poulton on PeoplesVoiceTV between 5 and 7 tonight.

Since the court hearing will take place this Thursday, it is nice that more and more people are beginning to wake up to this international scandal or ‘shock therapy’ of discovering that child snatching is one of seven deadly syndromes and seven media cover-ups.

Maybe ‘the general public’ needs to see things on TV rather than become familiar with the Dossier of Evidence?


SECOND ARTICLE in The Telegraph – will it help to reunite Mother and Son?

13 10 06 Booker ML 2While there are hundreds of parents imprisoned so that their children can be put into ‘care’, especially foreigners, there are always also ‘extreme’ and ‘exceptional’ cases.

Acknowledged to be the worst of all child snatching cases is the one of the Nigerian couple Gloria and Chiwar Musa whose seven children were taken by Haringey Council. The last one in prison – right after birth – despite Sir James Munby’s judgement of 2003: Para 44: iv) It is a dreadful thing to take a baby away from his mother: dreadful for mother, dreadful for father and dreadful for the baby.

Christopher Booker had written 14 articles about the Musas. Whilst in HMP Holloway, Gloria told Melissa about us McKenzie Friends and thus we opened this horrendous can of worms of Continue reading

STILL HOMELESS in Dulles Airport: no ID, no room, no job, no home, no support or food

01 12 09 03 US Birth Certificate

Electronic copy of US birth certificate

Melissa writes: “I have some news on the passport front. I am afraid it is a bit strange. I finally found a phone that I could use for free to ring the passport office and was told that my passport was issued on the 11 April 2013 and here the strange bit, is still valid!!!!

So I asked them how I get it returned and explained what had happened at the airport.  Wait for it, I need to show VAlID id, to possibly solve the problem.

Here’s the worst bit of this whole thing and I would like to see if Christopher Booker can update his article in The Telegraph on what has happened thus far.

I am unable to get a room anywhere or even a job without valid id of some kind. I can’t get help with housing or even sign on to get any type of help for money for food. Even in some shopping areas in DC they won’t let me in to get food, even if I do have money – as my id is expired. Continue reading

DEPORTED, imprisoned and beaten for being a Parent: Sunday Telegraph

13 09 14 TelegraphChristopher Booker in his weekly column in The Telegraph says it as succinctly as possible what I put before you in more posts and pages:

An American woman has suffered a miserable experience after British social workers intervened.

“Under Britain’s implacable system, an American woman has been deported while her son remains in foster care.”

I’m still trying to recover, intending to sift through another bag of her documents – knowing that a lot of them are with her when, really, she wants us to have them – in particular a 5-page letter to Sir James Munby. I had tried to get his landmark ruling to her, but last time we saw her on Wednesday morning, she had not read it… Continue reading

DUMPED in Dulles Airport Washington – so that her son can get adopted against her will

HMP PrisonerA Deportation Order made on 29 November 2012 got her to Dulles Airport. It gave a few solicitors some income and us McKenzie Friends some interesting learning experiences.

Our joint efforts resulted in an oral hearing to take place on 05 December 2013. But that was no ‘bar from removal’.

Removal meant:

  • in Holloway: nine prison staff in riot gear making sure she boards the bus to Heathrow – remember that she can’t walk and has become wheelchair-bound due to the appalling prison conditions
  • once in Heathrow, UKBA staff and Police were happy take the passport that we had organised and paid for as well as some cash – but contact to say good bye was not possible
  • once on the plane, four staff from a company called TASCOR accompanied her, one of them a nurse, and promised her faithfully that they would help her find a bed for the night and a suitcase for her belongings in 3 plastic bags – but they disappeared on her
  • once in Washington Dulles Airport, she found out that her passport had been CANCELLED by the State Department – in other words: no ‘reception and rehabilitation’ – one of the reasons why we tried to ‘stay the deportation’.  Continue reading