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15 01 30 Return Survivor KidsOnce again: you can’t make it up! In Melissa’s case:

  • the accusation of abducting her own child
  • the solicitor advising her to plead guilty
  • another solicitor advising her to withdraw her appeal from the Immigration Tribunal
  • the prison solicitor only taking the Legal Aid money but not helping her with either seeing her then 4-year-old boy again or with the appalling prison and finally deportation conditions.

And now we see the same names again:

For that’s how the paedo mafia works across all institutions necessary to ensure #childsnatchUK feeds #paedoBritain or #FilthyBritain.

Since we can’t outpower them, we must outsmart them. Together. Online. Will you click on the image above, sign and spread the petition to return the children to their Russian family?