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I find it very hard to make sense of a world that has clearly gone off its rails but claims to operate “in the best interests” of children in general and Melissa’s then 4-year old child who last saw his mum 2 years ago in Spain.

  1. 13 08 16 Removal Refused p1We got a hearing scheduled for 05 December – to address the ‘substance of the case’, to exercise her rights of appeal and generally have a ‘fair trial’ a la Human Rights Article 6.
  2. Melissa gets deported – despite our efforts – and is still homeless.
  3. The Treasury Solicitor makes an application to get this matter disposed of.
  4. The Admin Court lists ‘Laird’ as one of 5 ‘disposals’:

Where is our application?

Well, I may not have a robe and a wig, but I do have a brain. I shall make sure it’s going to be ‘in gear’ tomorrow! And I have McKenzie Friends who advise me. One of them suggested to contact the Delivery Director and ask for explanations.

The #unethical #wombscandal tells the whole Nation that something is very wrong, at least in Essex Council!

Today’s Daily Mail article says:

Sir James, who took over the family courts in January, has made a series of judgments and speeches demanding greater openness in family hearings and in the Court of Protection.

He has said family hearings should be held in public, that social workers should be named in court, and that families who feel wronged should be able to speak out publicly.