Spanish Allegation

13 09 13 Spanish AllegationThis page accuses the mother to have taken her son out of the country – which was not permitted according to an order supposedly made in the North London Family Proceedings Court. But we know that these courts only exist to sanction what Social Services are doing: legalise child snatching.

We also know that such official documents are created without hearings having taken place.

Melissa had not revealed her US nationality and had used other names, having always disliked ‘Melissa’.

She left the UK with her son who was born in Ireland to relocate to Spain – trying to escape Social Services like many other mothers – including Barrister Michelle Freedman.

Melissa has yet to see the document that was used to locate and arrest her in Spain, when she took her son to the hospital.

By having been advised to plead guilty, she became a ‘foreign national criminal’ and subsequent fabricated immigration histories caused the UK Border Agency to keep her imprisoned on ‘arbitrary hold’ aka ‘excessive detention’.

That’s what globalisation means: a US mother can’t travel with her son from the UK to Spain!

It’s also what it means when white collar criminals rule the world:

  • they commit crimes
  • they deny and lie
  • and they commit more crimes and cruelties to cover up.


  • who cares how the little boy copes with the trauma of separation?
  • foster parents are paid £400 per week from the public purse
  • how much does it cost per week to keep a mother in prison?

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