#gagging – one of the 5 points unique to the UK: http://bit.ly/MbzhX3

12 12 07 The Gag plusThis 8-page gagging order was the result of my publishing Five mothers on hunger strike protesting against violation of Article 8: the right to family life, when Melissa was in prison.

The printout of my web publication is part of the gag, but I was never served a gag.

Except it says in para 2 on page 2:

This order binds all persons and all companies (whether acting by their directors, employees or agents or in any other way) who know that the order has been made.

Remember what’s unique in the UK.

Melissa’s hearing is scheduled for Thursday 5 December. On Wednesday after 1pm we should be able to find in which Court room from this link.

Melissa writes:

I am an American woman who was dumped at Dulles in a wheelchair with no money, place to live/sleep and knowing no one  after being deported back to the US after 19 years and after having my child stolen by the UK government.  I held for over 18 month in a prison where I was tortured and abused by prison staff. Under the UK law I should have redress through the courts there and to date that has not happened.  My son who at the time of abduction was 4 years of age where he seen me, his mother, beaten in handcuffs by Spanish police while he screamed for me. This was the last vision my son had of me!  Currently we, my son and I, have no idea where either one of us are. With numerous attempts made to get contact with my now 6 year old child I am repeatedly refused.  I have in possession a court order which gives me the right to have contact but the social worker refuses to allow this. 

On Thursday 5 December my case is to be heard yet again without me, ex parte. I would like very for your assistance to get a journalist in the Royal Court’s of Justice to cover the story as it unfold for the first time in public. With recent events of an Italian woman who was sedated and by court order had a forced C-Section and the child stolen by social services and put up for adoption aka forced adoption. I have attached the link for you to see.


I would be very grateful for you help in informing the american public of my ongoing fight for the return of my american son. To bring him home where he belongs and is very dearly missed!

I look forward to hearing from you and would very grateful for your assistance in this. Additional, I can also be contact on my mobile 703-946-5728.


Melissa Laird

She confirms: Child removal is a Class War.


4 thoughts on “#gagging – one of the 5 points unique to the UK: http://bit.ly/MbzhX3

  1. why should mothers do this to there selves when there are people who can help us all innocent parents fight our corner and its cruel because mothers should not have to prove justice by slowly killing there selves for justice cant the goverment understand that parents are going to the next level by proving justice by making a point and taking there own lives through a system who are so corrupt and evil

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  3. this case has been closed and will not be re-opened! boy is being adopted and will not be allowed contact with her again.


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