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13 09 10 High Court Order p113 09 10 High Court Order p2I’m always asking myself this question: do ‘bad guys’ know what they are doing or are they unconscious? When judges are misled and misguided by bad social workers, they sanction their wrong-doings instead of questioning it. Do they know what they are doing? There is enough evidence to suggest they do. See the Dossier of online Evidence in support of our EU Petition: Abolish Adoptions without Parental Consent besides Children Placed in Foster Care – our petition before the House of Commons.

In Melissa’s case, the key social workers in Barnet Council are Tony Carroll and Ron Ludtke as managers besides Claire Montgomery as visitor 2-3 times a week for nearly a year. Her son was AFRAID of her visits!

The current Head of Children in Care and Provider Services, Children’s Service, Jo Pymont thinks it’s right to hide behind the judgements of Judge Vera Meyer and Judge McFarlane. Both are the substance of the hearing on 05 December in the High Court – not in secret, so you are welcome in the public gallery! 

For John Hemming MP suggested, when he published Mother to be deported whilst her child is kept for adoption:

Due to imprisonment conditions, she has been prevented from exercising her rights of appeal.

And the Admin Court advised me:

There is case law that sets the precedence for hearing the substance of a case.

The substance is that

  • she went to prison for leaving the UK with her son, before a court order was issued;
  • Barnet Council hauled the boy back to the UK, when they could have let Spanish Social Services deal with the situation;
  • the UK Border Agency took her from prison and deported her, whilst her son was left in the UK;
  • contrary to lots of promises, they left her in a wheelchair penniless.

Ian Josephs, veteran helper of victims of Social Services and publisher of Forced Adoption writes:

She should be given a chance to answer what is said about her, as the judge only heard one side, since she was already in Spain. She did not appear before the judge on March 5th, because according to her, they kept her in prison and not because she refused to enter the transport. That judge came to his conclusions without hearing her in the witness box.

Chronologically and in more detail:

  1. a Barnet County Court hearing took place on 16 May 2011 – with we don’t know which judge – after Melissa had relocated to Spain. Disclosure of this document has so far been denied by the Court and by CLP Solicitors. The result of this hearing was used for a European Arrest Warrant. Thus Melissa and her son were arrested in Spain on 13 December 2011 when she took him to a hospital.
  2. Spanish Police and prison staff mistreated her, for she was accused of having ‘abducted a child’: her own which she has not seen since then!
  3. After 17 days she was taken to HMP Holloway who mistreated her for 21 months in abominable ways.
  4. On 8 March 2012 Judge Mayer refused legal representation and left ‘contact’ with her son to the discretion of Barnet Council – who refused to arrange contact in prison and now refuse to arrange for Skype contact. Para 19 of her judgement spells out that there was no care order in place.
  5. Judge MacFarlane refused her appeal, despite all possible limitations imposed by HMP Holloway.
  6. After she was advised to plead ‘guilty’ of abducting a child by her criminal lawyer, a Judge referred to as ‘unknown‘ sentenced her to one year of imprisonment which were served by 30 June 2012. She was held on ‘immigration issues’ by the UK Border Agency UKBA until being deported on 12 September 2013.
  7. UKBA initiated deportation procedures. Her immigration lawyer advised her to withdraw an appeal and she was not made aware of the consequences.
  8. A Judicial Review presented by a pro bono barrister was refused by Ms Gill, a Deputy High Court Judge.
  9. Mr Justice Lewis refused our application to stay her removal.
  10. Mr Justice Jay refused the second application to stay her removal.
  11. Our final attempt to keep her in the UK required a solicitor. We were ‘out of hours’ and are only McKenzie Friends.

The Admin Court is now looking into setting up a videolink for the 5 December hearing.

Meanwhile, Christopher Booker’s latest article describes other councils determined to kidnap children internationally: Another couple flee to France only to have their baby taken away.

Also note these articles based on the Baby J judgement:

with quite a few more mentioned in point 18 of our Dossier of online Evidence.

The actions by Social Workers can only be described as intimidation and harassment culminating in Claire Montgomery who said:

You better prepare yourself for us to take your child, for there is no court in the land that will refuse us. And I will see to it that you’ll never see him again.

She was even going to take the boy in front of an Adoption Board – without the mother and without her permission!

Why should social workers and judges care about part 2, Section 9 of the Children’s Act 1989 that states how things SHOULD be handled???