Courts, Judges & Publicity

 12 12 07 The Gag plusNaming and exposing courts and judges has emerged as one of the necessities in our fight for justice, fair trials and compensation on behalf of victims and whistleblowers.

For publicity is the very soul of justice as Jeremy Bentham (1748 – 1832) said.

When putting together all orders with their courts and judges, I noticed the following:

    1. the Principal Registry of the Family Division (PRFD) lost Melissa’s Application for Contact, even though it was signed for by Mr Kam. Supposedly, neither he nor the document can be found. 12 07 17 C100 Tracked and Traced
    2. This was after one Application was lost by Shoreditch & Clerkenwell Court (responsible for HMP Holloway) and another one was returned after some months – saying the Application should be made to the PRFD.
    3. the PRFD is supposedly the ‘inherent jurisdiction’ in this gagging order which has P.P. as a case number. It is made against ‘National News Media’ as ‘Respondent‘ – based on the item I published on Publicity Online.  Besides the whole ludicrousness of this text, I wonder whether Judge Mayer has heard of Sir James Munby’s judgement since, where he appeals to courts to adapt to the realities of the internet and in particular social media.
    4. Gagging Orders are supposed to protect the identity of the child. In reality, they are used to intimidate and harass, especially with the threat of imprisonment. Since I wear already three gagging orders with pride, and since I know one woman who spent 10 days in HMP Holloway for ‘contempt for court’, I unfortunately have to respect the power of the people ‘just doing their job’ when they follow orders of imprisonment. But I do know that they are made without ‘wet signature’, stamp and seal of courts, i.e. are par of falsifying official documents that we found to be the common denominator with fraudulent bankruptcies and other white collar crimes.
    5. The Independent published The untold story of gagging orders in May 2011 – relating to victims of the Family Courts.
    6. Please note also that at the time of Melissa’s hunger strike, journalist Mark Piggott was banned from visiting HMP Holloway by the Governor of the prison. In the process another journalist was also banned. Who is paid to hide what and who FEELS they need to hide what they are doing?
    7. Wood Green Court was the place for Melissa’s criminal conviction of supposedly having ‘abducted a child’. The transcript of the hearing says that the judge is unknown. Strangely, we’ve seen this before in the same court: in Mr Ebert’s transcripts as he continues to fight his fraudulent bankruptcy during which 30 police raided his house and evicted him. This is also the court where the Musas were convicted in that horribly staged trial with a hand picked jury, as supporters were told.
    8. Barnet County Court holds an order with the ‘direction’ “not to be disclosed to the mother.” 13 10 10 Barnet MP
    9. Judge Mayer refused Melissa legal representation as well as the Official Solicitor in a hearing that resulted in an Order that Melissa tried to appeal for a number of reasons – one of which was that Holloway didn’t ‘produce’ her – but claimed she had refused!A letter on behalf of the Director of Children’s Services claimed that Melissa had been represented throughout the proceedings!
    10. Our latest letter to the current Director asks for Skype contact and proof of the fact that Barnet Council is acting in the ‘best interest of the child’ whilst Melissa is sharing her parental responsibility.
    11. The Court of Appeal entered into the scenario when Melissa tried to appeal against that March Order by Judge Mayer. Given the horrendous hindrances imposed by prisons, it was impossible right from the beginning. I have seen the kind of restrictions also with Maurice J Kirk BVSc when he reports from his prison experiences – as a Litigant in Person. Despite trying very hard, I never found a family lawyer for Melissa.
    12. But it is clear: the legal system is NOT there to deliver justice. As set out in point 25 of an agenda dating back to 1776, it is here to destroy civilisation.
    13. In this adversarial system, judges are umpires watching lawyers play ‘ping pong’ with ‘points of law’. They do not compare the ‘sins’ of the two parties.
    14. The people processing industry is a self-perpetuating system living off the public gravy train. Who cares whether you’re on it, or not. You either are part of the old boys’ network or you’re not.

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