The Pedro Family: five children snatched by Lincoln County Council - without paper work

14 01 20 PRJMcKenzie Friends have all their particular cases they assist and learn from, based on their life experiences and individual skills.

Paul Randle-Jolliffe is not a member of our Association, but has assisted the Nigerian Musas long before we helped them. He now addresses Haringey Council with this Open Letter.

He publishes Non-UK Children taken into Care on 42 pages with these references:

  • 63 foreign children taken and 4 adopted by Lincoln Council
  • 231 taken and 8 adopted by Barnet Council – one of them being Melissa Laird‘s son
  • 20 taken and 2 adopted by Doncaster Council – responsible for Vicky Haigh and her daughter
  • 15 taken and 2 adopted by Swansea Council – who gagged me first, before Doncaster and Haringey.

Based on Sir James Munby’s judgement regarding a 12-year old Slovak boy, Paul spells out the following:


  • Councils have to abide by Articles 36 and 37b…

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