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01 12 09 03 US Birth Certificate

Electronic copy of US birth certificate

Melissa writes: “I have some news on the passport front. I am afraid it is a bit strange. I finally found a phone that I could use for free to ring the passport office and was told that my passport was issued on the 11 April 2013 and here the strange bit, is still valid!!!!

So I asked them how I get it returned and explained what had happened at the airport.  Wait for it, I need to show VAlID id, to possibly solve the problem.

Here’s the worst bit of this whole thing and I would like to see if Christopher Booker can update his article in The Telegraph on what has happened thus far.

I am unable to get a room anywhere or even a job without valid id of some kind. I can’t get help with housing or even sign on to get any type of help for money for food. Even in some shopping areas in DC they won’t let me in to get food, even if I do have money – as my id is expired.

So due again to the governments’ involvement not only am I homeless but invisible to get any assistance of any kind. No id, no help from anyone here. The day centre where I go are trying to help and through the story in the Telegraph are shocked, not to mention appalled at the situation I am in.

They don’t have shelter housing but are trying to get something sorted for me. They will help get me DC id, once I get my birth certificate, original.”

Meanwhile, UK parents and grandparents are getting ready for turning their pain into protest and their frustrations into demonstrations – to start a whole week of protest outside the Royal Courts of Justice:

and do mark your calendar for Monday 28th October, 10.30am when Kelly Cottam is supposed to be sent to prison for standing up for her children who have been taken from her.

Melissa has been there. But instead of getting a t-shirt, HMP Holloway even withheld her underwear… And UK Border Agency deported her without ‘reception and rehabilitation’…

Maurice who had visited Melissa had to fight for his jacket and still hasn’t got his passport back either. That was HMP Cardiff. Who writes this policy? Why are staff so cruel as to execute such orders???